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Peter Nelson established Benchmark Carpentry and Woodworks in 1993 and partnered with Bill Anderson and Kirk Townander. In the past decade Benchmark has brought in new partners, Peter Fredrickson and Chad Nelson. Pulling from a combined 100+ years of experience, Benchmark has built a notable reputation through finishing high quality projects and maintaining valuable working relationships with clients. For the past 30 years, Benchmark Carpentry and Woodworks continues to prove capable of finishing large projects with quality workmanship on Chicago's North Shore.  

We pride ourselves on building value into each project; value in our relationships with clients and value in the project. Our philosophy behind Benchmark is the belief that our client relationships are of the upmost importance in any project we complete. We build these relationships through keeping our word, communicating well, and finishing a project with fine craftmanship.  This philosphy fosters our hope that our clients will desire to partner with us again on their future home projects.

We build value in your project by taking no short cuts, rather, by taking the extra steps that others would think are unnecessary. We ensure lasting quality.  

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